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Zukim Cisneros

Energy-Based Solutions Therapy

Specialty :

| Mystical Revival Approach.

| Quantum and Spiritual based understanding and practice

| Physical and Metal Embodiment

Mission : Assisting clients in achieving balance by guiding them to utilize their energy transmutation skills cultivate the emotional state they desire.

Ability to Revive : Karmic patterns - Traumatic memories - Triggered Emotions - Self Sabotages - Destructive Behaviors - Dysfunctional mindsets - Self Esteems - Nonserving fetishes - Intrusive thoughts and Everything else.

Favorite Quote

"I care to teach you to fish , not fish for you. So this can create longer and further lasting impact down the line"

"Good as new"

"Wouldn't you approach life differently , if you know you actually have an UNDO button?"

Experience and Perspective

               I am Zukim Cisneros, a mother to all my children, and my passion in life is ensuring your safety and well-being. I have dedicated years to studying, practicing, and performing healing work, both for myself and others. My simple goal has always been to restore balance to our lives.


When I embarked on this mystical journey, money, success, and fame were not my top priorities. What mattered most to me was cultivating healthy relationships with myself and everyone in my family.

As a result, my focus remains crystal clear. All the approaches and techniques govern around driven by the desire to bring balance into people's lives.


Regardless of our social status, we can find a state of contentment and reconnect with ourselves right where we are. I welcome abundance and a good reputation, of course.


However, I firmly believe that the smooth flow of interpersonal comfort is the best foundation and the key to sustainable winning in this racing to success game. We have the choice to participate in this race or not; it's entirely up to us. Yet, whether we win or lose this race should never shake our stance of joy and happiness, as long as we possess the skill to consistently return to our point of equilibrium.


1 on 1 Consulting Video Call
555 USD 
Within 2 hours
Grant available 


1 on 1 Consulting Live Chat
333 USD 
within 1.5 hours
Grant available 

1-1 Guided Session
222 USD 

within 1 hours
Grant available
3 people maximum

Every question posed receives a precise response. In the session, your unique personality and essence guide on-the-spot mindset shifts and the application of personalized energetic alteration technology tailored exclusively for you. Essentially, together we will explore how to resolve specific energetic patterns, and we will select energy configuration technology based on your preferences. 

Select this option if you believe you need an ear to help listen and transmute heavy energy from your field so you can see the point more clearly - then we can tackle it

All questions will be answered, and we will follow the same


approach as in the video call. Together, we will simplify every


aspect of your concern to uncover the underlying dysfunctional


patterns. We'll explore relevant philosophies and practical methods,


providing guidance and recommendations.


Choose this option if you have completed your journaling work

and identified some related points. You may need assistance in


discussing these points, guiding you in the right direction, and


recommending methods and practices that align with your needs


and preferences.

During this session, you can expect to receive my intuitive guidance based on principles and any prior understanding you may have acquired. If you're not familiar with these principles, I will provide a brief explanation before we begin. I anticipate that you have a clear understanding of the specific dynamic or pattern you would like to dissolve, and I will offer mental and spiritual guidance, step by step, throughout the energy configuration process. Any deviations from the intended path will be corrected, and any misunderstandings will be clarified. The objective of this session is to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary for you to independently apply these techniques in your everyday life.  


Select this option if you are prepared to dive in and achieve instant results through your active participation in bringing the energetic pattern to the forefront. We will explore within together, with you taking the lead. Consider this as a collaborative learning experience where I accompany you as a teammate, not a leader. At times, I will take the lead, and at other times, I will follow your lead. I may also ask you for your thoughts on what steps to take next and provide guidance or correction if needed. Think of this as a training session designed to empower you to perform your own energy work in your unique way.

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service reservation.


Mystical Revival

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