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Light of Hope Ministry - Uganda

Updated: Feb 20

Hi Friends , It's Zukim Here. I am writing this blog post to help "Light of Hope Ministry in Uganda" - Verified their legitimacy of their orphanage. So that, it's easier for supporters to trust that their love and support sending out in the universe are being received by little people who are in need.

I have the pleasure to interview Kiranda the Artist and young adult that is working tirelessly to bring hope and light to his soul families and people around the world. I am excited to to see this light warrior spreading light by his commitment in serving his soul families. and of course, sharing his talents too!

Kiranda Open up his childhood struggles and reasons why he is doing everything he could to help the orphanage.

"I was born without parents. I lost my mom and dad when I was young. I experienced hardships at a young age and realized that all orphans need support. I didn't want others to go through what I did, struggling with no food or medicine. So, we decided to help other children, hoping to prevent them from facing the same challenges. Without hope, we might have died already.We learned a lot from our experiences and decided to start a group to assist orphans who also want to study and be free in this world, as we are all brothers and sisters created in God's image."

So, we reached out to our networks to ask for assistance because there were many needs. The children needed food, clothes, and study materials, and we didn't have many ways to get money because we didn't have a businesses but we are learning to do more on our own.

Light of hope team and children - Working on Art design and Practice modeling

"Donation- Collaboration" 

So brothers and sisters we are here asking for your help and support. Anyone who can help us please contact us to recover ease and safety in our community because the situation we are in is not easy.

We do not have our permanent place, every day we move from one place to another with many kids, please help donate your support to us if you can. we are in a hardship situation many diseases and not much money to spend in recovery.

​Someday, we'll win because we have hope and trust in God and connecting with you are our chance to win this together. We welcome money support, Education material, Collaboration support and all that it's possible.

What else do you have in mind?

We are looking for Donor to help us cover fixed cost we have every month

Comprehensive Budget for the Operation of Light of Hope Orphanage - Providing Care 

and Support for Up to 25-30 Children

| - Groceries $300 | Basic food items 

| - Rent/Mortgage | $150

| - Water | $100                            

| - Medical check-ups and consultations | $200 

| Education and Recreation | $50 

| - Educational materials | $50 

| - Clothing | $50 

| - Personal hygiene products | $50 

| - Shoes | $50 

| - Basic maintenance tools and supplies | $100        

Basically 1,000 USD a month will give us good care for care takers and children.

But to get Permanent Residential place we would need larger amount.


What about your Tiktok Project with Live and vibrant?

Yes. we are working on becoming affiliate marketer on Tiktok Creator program so that later we can do content and help other sell items, Helping ourselves by helping others. We hope to earn commission from Tiktok and spread the Light and Hope we carry in our house.

It's not easy for us but we still make things happen too! If we can do it. All of us can do it! we are working with live and vibrant to become affiliate marketer and make our own money, Every stream of income counts!

You can follow "Light of hope Ministry" on all social Media platforms

Thank you so much brothers and sisters.

We appreciate you reading and helping us out in ways that you can.

God bless you!


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