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Refill your eco-friendly solid dish soap cake with our biodegradable and plant-based formula, perfect for effective and zero-waste dishwashing. Our additive-free, residue-free soap leaves no waste behind. The strengthened citric acid formula removes grease and leaves your dishes sparkling clean.

The perfect sustainable and economical choice for campers, backpackers, picnics, BBQs, and travel. Convenient dishwashing without a soap dish. Vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic.

Each 7.5 oz refill replaces up to 3 bottles of liquid soap. 

Each 3.25 oz refill replaces up to 1.5 bottles of liquid soap. 


  • simple ingredients: made from four simple plant-based ingredients
  • handmade: four ingredients only, no additives, preservatives
  • fragrance-free: non-irritating on the skin
  • Coconut Oil (sodium cocoate) - creates hard soap bars with fluffy, stable lather
  • Castor Oil (sodium castorate) - makes soap antimicrobial and moisturizing on the hands 
  • Water (aqua)
  • Citric Acid - dissolves mineral deposit, stains and soap scum
  • Lye* (sodium hydroxide) - an alkali that is required for soap making and is eliminated in the saponification process

**before using, test on a small area of skin. discontinue use if irritation occurs.**

  • as a dish soap: rub a wet cloth, sponge or dish brush directly on the soap. scrub dishes then rinse with water
  • as stain remover: rub soap on stained spots, add water and rub fabric between hands then hand wash or launder
Care Tips
  • Pat to dry before storing
  • Flip tin to remove excess water or moist
  • Keep the soap dry in between uses
Allergies & Cautions
  • not for consumption

Solid Dish Soap Cake Refills

PriceFrom $8.00
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