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Our Zero Waste Soap Dish Kit includes the best eco friendly cleaning brushes, our Sisal Dish Brush with FREE dish brush replacement head and Sisal & Palm Pot Scrubber. Paired perfectly with our Solid Dish Soap Bar and Self-Drying Soap Dish for all your kitchen cleaning needs! The most effective zero waste kitchen products that makes the perfect eco friendly gift!

  • super versatile dish soap: it pairs perfectly with natural loofah sponge, bamboo cloths & wooden brushes and is also a powerful stain remover for any fabric stains
  • durable, dual layer soap dish: a perfect fit for our soap bars, it ensures your soap bars & counters stay dry and surfaces clean from soap residue
  • plant-based brushes: aesthetically designed, plant-based brushes to make mundane cleaning tasks a breeze

Zero Waste Cleaning Set - Soap Dish Kit

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