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20 Simple Life Lessons from Osho That Kids Can Easily Understand

  1. Divine love and connection: Feeling a special kind of love that connects you to something bigger and more beautiful.

  2. Awakening the higher self: Discovering the special and amazing parts of yourself that are wise and full of love.

  3. Expansion of consciousness: Growing and learning more about the world and all the amazing things in it.

  4. Divine guidance and intuition: Listening to your inner voice that helps you make good choices and feel safe.

  5. Soul purpose and mission: Knowing that you have a special job in the world to make it better and help others.

  6. Sacred geometry and energetic patterns: Seeing and understanding the shapes and patterns that are everywhere in nature.

  7. Divine timing and synchronicity: Noticing when things happen in just the right way at the right time, like magic.

  8. Alignment with higher vibrations: Feeling happy and positive inside and spreading good feelings to others too.

  9. Energy healing and spiritual growth: Helping yourself and others feel better by using special energy and love.

  10. Sacred rituals and ceremonies: Doing special things to show respect and love for the important moments in life.

  11. Transcending limitations and belief systems: Breaking free from thinking you can't do something and believing in yourself.

  12. Ascension and higher realms of existence: Imagining going to special places where everything is peaceful and wonderful.

  13. Divine grace and blessings: Feeling lucky and grateful for all the good things in your life.

  14. Manifestation and co-creation: Thinking about what you want and making it happen by using your imagination and hard work.

  15. Divine forgiveness and release: Saying sorry when you make a mistake and letting go of feeling bad about it.

  16. Harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit: Making sure your thoughts, body, and feelings all feel good and work together.

  17. Honoring the interconnectedness of all beings: Knowing that everyone and everything is connected and important in the world.

  18. Embracing the divine feminine and masculine energies: Understanding that boys and girls can both be strong, loving, and important.

  19. Divine abundance and prosperity: Feeling like you have everything you need and even more to share with others.

  20. Walking the path of love and light: Trying your best to be kind, loving, and helpful to everyone you meet.

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