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Exploring Ancient Wisdom for Modern Energetic Hygiene

1. 'Divine Music' - Kimiko shares her creative passions and introduces Live and Vibrant movement.

2. 'Semigod State' - Discussing the evolution of humans beyond physical limitations.

3. 'Imagination Power' - The ability to manifest realities using our imagination.

4. 'Balance & Stillness' - Importance of achieving balance amidst constant expansion.

5. 'Energetic Connections' - Impact of memories and triggers on our energetic ties.

6. 'Timeline Shifts' - How to detach from past attachments and shift timelines.

7. 'Spiritual Technology' - Ancient civilizations using spiritual knowledge to harness energy.

8. 'Energetic Doors' - Need for protecting personal energy from external influences.

9. 'Mental vs Spiritual' - Reframing mental illness as spiritual symptoms to be managed. 10. 'Energy Alchemy' - Using personal energy to attract and create desired realities.

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